Dinner.  (at Chateau de Massillan)
The breakfast club.  (at Chateau de Massillan)
Poivron.  (at Chateau de Massillan)
Time for Manhattans over Paris.  (at Chez Georges - Restaurant Dernier Etage Centre G Pompidou)
Suddenly over my fear of heights.  (at Tour Eiffel)

Going up. (at Tour Eiffel)

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at Tour Eiffel
I may just move to Paris and devote my life to eating.  (at Les Enfants Rouges)
It never ends.  (at Jardins Du Château De Versailles)
A time when hunting cabins were respectable places.   (at Château de Versailles)
This day. That sky.  (at Château de Versailles)
Exited to try Le 6 Paul Bert after @amateurgourmet’s glowing review.  (at Le «6 Paul Bert»)